Monday, November 10, 2008

It's over...

The Holiday Bazaar is over. It was a success with amazing people selling some really great things. I feel really inspired. One reason I love living in Portland is the amazing support that small craft based businesses receive from the community. This event was no exception. Even though times are tight people really came out to purchase from local artists AND support the kids school. I am happy I was able to help coordinate and be a seller for the event.
I was disappointed in my own work. I just don't feel like what I created was my best. It look contrived and like I just tried to hard. Really it was hard. Anyway....

Now that there was all this cool stuff around for me to look at I feel like I better get out and make something. Mag is having her 7th (o'my already) birthday party on Saturday and I am thinking of making the party favors. I have this idea of making dolls with some of my sheet music, glitter and ribbons. Not sure if it will turn out, but I will certainly try.

So far today was all about cleaning the house and not about creating. I did rearrange furniture which always makes me feel more creative. Tomorrow will be more cleaning since the kids are at home from school and studio time is almost impossible. Wednesday just might be the day. I am looking forward to cleaning and clearing my studio. No pressure. I do have plans on posting some paintings on Etsy. But we will see how that goes first. One woman looked at one of my paintings that had a small attachment on it and said she would have bought it without the attachment. Ouch.

Above is my favorite bird painting. I am happy it did not sell! It goes with a crow pillow I bought from my friend Tara at the sale.

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Tara.Fields said...

Aw! You know I thought about that painting when you bought the Varmint!