Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's beautiful but.....

We have been snowed in here in Portland. I love the snow for a couple of days, I love it before Christmas, but this is ridiculous! Being here in Portland, you get used to having small amounts of snow every once in a while not this deluge of snow that we have now. My car is buried right now. I finally took a walk to the grocery store to stock up on food for tomorrow and Christmas day. That was an adventure. The snow came up to my knees. I am not that tall, but tall enough to realize that me trying to drive in this would be a  joke. 

Anyway, for Christmas I receive this very cool ATC carousel. I have started working on ATC's since I have been cooped up in the house. I also have been working on my inspiration book. That is fun. It's great to have eye candy ready when I need it. No painting right now. Not for lack of wanting to, it's just too cold in my studio. If this keeps up after Christmas I will be bringing my paints etc.. into the  house. Right now I just wan tot try to keep it clean until Christmas. 

Above are pictures from my inspiration book.

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