Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bad Art Round 2...

So, here I am again. Today I just wanted to get something out of my system. I have been sort of cranky and irritable lately. I had some sort of bad news on Tuesday and the rest of my week has been a little down hill from there. There have been some good spots for sure. But one bit of bad news can stick in my mind for a while.

Anyway, I made some bad art. I didn't care. I just did it. I just had to get something down. I felt so much lighter after I was in my studio for a while. It also helped that I took three bags of clothes to Goodwill. That never hurts either. So, while I am purging my head I am also purging my house. It's a great combo.

So, the pieces both have young girls in them. I think this might reflect on my daughter. There is something so amazing about little girls. Having a boy and a girl I can say that there is a difference between. Little girls just have a different point of view. I LOVE that whenever my daughter sees one of her friends they always hug each other. Boys stop doing that. I don't know why. We have never told our son that he shouldn't hug his friends. I know that I still hug my friends when I see them so maybe it is just by observing that they learn this. Also, since we have a new President my daughter has talked a lot about when she is going to be President. She has some pretty impressive ideas. Including making everything one dollar. Most importantly would be that kittens and puppies would be a dollar. This might have something to do with us telling her that having a dog is expensive.

So back to the art. The pink piece I made with an Exacto in some paint. I do know it looks like her arms are cut off. Or as I interpret it, her arms are caught inside her skirt.

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