Sunday, March 15, 2009

Blog Inspiration

So I just finished reading this AWESOME Book. It's called No One Cares What You Had for Lunch: 100 Ideas for your Blog By Margaret Mason. I loved it. It has (obliviously) 100 different ideas for blog writing. They are separated into categories based on how much time you actually have to write. I am so inspired. I thought every idea was a great one. I don't think I could write about each and every one, but many of them made me want to try. I HIGHLY recommend checking this book out for all you blog writers. You may have a million blog writing ideas already (lucky you) but when you hit the ditch these are great.
On a different note, it's pouring down rain here and the idea of walking the 15 feet to my studio sound like a trek up the Himalayas. I really need to invest in some insulation and some heat. I do have some serious motivation though. I am participating in two new challenges from Art House Co-op. The 10,000 word project which will be a bit of a challenge. My word is Chair. Now there are the oblivious ways of interpreting that, but I want to think of something different. I will keep you posted if I accomplish that. Any ideas are welcome. Please!
The next project is really fun too. They sent me 5 3x3 canvases and 5 words for inspiration. Those words I am not going to share until I post the canvases. It's going to end up being published in a book which is pretty cool. It's called the The Canvas Project 2 the canvases will be set-up at The Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Pretty cool stuff. I am excited. I have already started on one of the canvases. I think I might try to use some of the transfer ideas from the book I posted about in my last post. I look forward to posting the results soon.

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