Tuesday, March 31, 2009


my purging pile
So, even though my little guy was home sick with a bad bug I did manage to get some things done. I went thru the living and dining room and cleared it of miscellaneous paperwork and random bits that seem to have made a home there. I even have small pieces of furniture that will be making their way out. I don't like dealing with Craigslist so I will probably just take them to the Goodwill. The rooms won't be done until I get that stuff out of here.

It feels so good to rid myself of all that extra stuff that just hangs around. It gets to this point where this extra stuff just blends in with the rest of it. That is when I start seeing everything as one big cluttered mess and not individual pieces of a mess. Most of the "things" that accumulate are not necessary. We don't need them for anything, they are just there. My next room will be the kitchen. That is going to be a big job. I don't really know what I will do with all those things that I only use a couple times of year. I have pretty good storage in there so hopefully they can all go someplace.

The goal with all of this clearing is not just to have a cleaner, neater house. It is also to take away most of my excuses for not going out in the studio to work. I feel guilty when I go out there and the house is a mess (which is pretty often). It just feels messy with all that clutter and furniture around. So, I am clearing some space to let me have my own time.

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