Monday, April 6, 2009


I went with my friend Alea yesterday to see Handmade Nation at the Museum of Contemporary Craft. It was so inspiring! I was so excited to see all the different crafts and designs. It was so cool and I hope it comes out on DVD so I can watch it again. I feel like I probably missed some of what was said since I was looking at what they were showing and not always listening. I came home and immediately set to work.

I have been LOVING this beautiful weather we are having here. It makes it so nice to go to the studio. The kids have been outside and I have been working in the studio with the doors wide open. This is why I love my studio. I sometimes forget in the winter, but now I remember. Spring thru Fall I can work with the doors open and all the natural light coming in. Even when it rains I usually can have the doors open.

My last post was about Etsy. I had some really nice encouragement from Keely and Tara. Tara also had some great info for me. I just have to sit down and read on the Etsy site all of the information that is out there, free! I have to admit, this weather has been so nice I wish I had a laptop to sit outside to do it all. I barely made myself come in to write this. The weather is unfortunately supposed to turn later this week and that is when I will actually sit down and read.
I have to say I wish it was summer now. I love having all this sunshine. Maybe I can convince Josh that I really just need a laptop to work on Etsy. I don't think he would go for it.

I made the piece above over the last two days (sorry for the poor photo). I had a lot of fun doing it. The colors really inspire me right now. This is actual size. I bought a large for me canvas the other day that I am thinking about working on. I usually work pretty small, but I thought I would try it. If it turns into anything I will post it here.

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