Monday, April 27, 2009

More encaustic goodness....

I am still having a lot of fun with encaustic. There is so many interesting outcomes that can result when you are mixing up warm wax with paper and other materials. One thing that has been fun is mixing the wax with paper and then using silver leafing. The piece titled San Francisco I used an old map of San Francisco on a primed board. Then after putting the map down and wax over it I used some different things in my studio to add texture. After that was all set the way I like it, with the right amount of wax etc.. I used silver leaf to highlight the different textures. It was a lot of fun to do.

For the piece "Im the one" I used a board primed and then silver leafed. I like the way the silver leaf turns out with the wax over it. I used some other elements I found in my studio, a cookie cutter for some design and some oil paint. This was another piece that was great to experiment on. I am finding I like the flat boards best. Aesthetically they just appeal to me more. These pieces are available in my Etsy shop along with another piece.

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Alea Bone said...

LOVE the new header! Everthing seems like it is really coming together.