Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My experiment

"Helpless"- 2009 Kelly Akin
Well, I couldn't way to try out some new stuff from that book I bought yesterday. I am working on two and finished one. The one above. I like it. It's my first "real" attempt at encaustic. I actually followed directions for priming the board and how to use the medium wax. I am using Wagner Encaustics which is made here in Portland. They come in these nice metal tubs and heat up really well. I have the bug to go buy more, but they are a little spendy so I think I have to wait a bit.

The process was really simple. I started heating the medium wax on a candle warmer. That takes a long time, but that is what I have to use right now. The book suggested using an electric griddle which I will be keeping my eye out for at the thrift stores. Once the wax is heated you use it to prime your board. I did that, then used oil pastels, oil paints, some metal stamping letters and a rub-on. It was quick and really fun. I highly recommend it.

The title of the piece is from a Rolling Stones song that I was listening to Patti Smith sing while I was painting.

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Alea Bone said...

I like it. I'm glad you had fun. . .that IS what it is all about. I took a 3 hr encaustics class, but all we did was melt crayons down in muffin tins and paint it on over collage. There are so many things you can do with it and it sounds like it can get pretty technical. Keep experimenting!