Thursday, April 16, 2009


I think I have a Too Much Information problem.

Lots of books about how to be an artist out in the world sit here at my feet. I have read some of them, but never all the way thru. It might be helpful if I actually did.

My friend Keely wrote this amazing post about trusting the path that you are on. I am feeling a little distrustful about where I am. There is a lot that I want, but I am not sure that I am following the correct path. I see things as how I want them to be and I can say for sure that they look NOTHING like how things look now. Can you accidentally waver from the right path? That is my fear that maybe there was some kind of curve I was supposed to take and instead I went straight.

As someone who loves art in every way I feel like it should be clear. I love art, I love to make art, and so it goes. It seems like it should all be very easy. Since it's not it makes me wonder if I am making the right choice for myself. Should it be easier? Or does all the struggling mean that I am actually doing what I am supposed to do. That I am learning and that makes for some serious growing pains? Or, the scariest thought of all, is there something that I am completely missing? IS there something out there that I don't realize yet?

I have no idea how this will all play out. Maybe by putting putting it here I will be able to look back sometime in the future and think "see you were just waiting for this to happen."

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shakti space designs said...

Trust yourself Kelly. You are meant to be an artist. I'm excited to watch your growth.