Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cool women

I made some new pieces. One of them I had to fix. I really like them. The first one features a very lovely looking girl/woman. It's hard to tell how old she is. It almost looks like a high school graduation photo. The other one is taken from a vintage photo of a cowgirl. I love it. She looks pretty damn tough. Over her picture is the definition for Pure. One of the words that they use is "real". I think that really fits. These are both encaustic pieces. That seems to be the only thing I do now. I just love it. I love how it smells! Nothing smells like beeswax. It's a good smell. Unfortunately it also seems to attract bees to my studio. I have some netting curtains that are up, but the bees sometimes get caught in them. I do let them go.

Well, one more day to go and it's the end of the week. I am ready for the weekend. For a short week this one was full of all kinds of things. I am ready for a break. Some "normal" time.

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