Friday, May 22, 2009

Could there be anymore?

Ok, these last couple have days have been really stressful. All sorts of crazy stuff coming out of the woodwork. I have needed my space more than ever. I am forever grateful to have a studio. I am one lucky person to have a whole separate space completely my own that is devoted solely to art. I forget sometimes how fortunate I really am. Then stuff comes up and I realize what a refuge it really is.
I started the above piece the other day and just finished it today. It represents how I am feeling right now. It's titled "tangle" and I think that is pretty accurate. I am putting it in the shop today.

Before I get on a pity party, I know I am not the only one dealing with difficult stuff. I think it must be the planet alignment or something. Not that I actually know anything about that, but if you do let me know. Maybe it's just in the air....? No matter what I am lucky for what I have and try to remember that... most of the time.

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