Monday, May 18, 2009

Creative bursts...

I had a great weekend. The weather was gorgeous. Friday night we went to the potluck and it was so much fun. It was so fun we stayed until 2am! That is a record for me. At least in the last couple of years.

Saturday was all about working in the studio. I came up with 2 new pieces which I then tried to photograph. This is a major weakness on my part and something that I need to work on. Even with the tripod an being outdoors it just turned out really crummy. The last good photos Cinda took and they turned out really well. I should have paid much more attention to what she was doing. I have a lot more research to do on this I guess. The good thing is that I have a good camera and that is a good start. Unfortunately I am not completely sure how to use all the functions. I haven't played with it except to keep it on the automatic setting.

Sunday I spent time again in the studio. I came up with another piece that I really like. I also cleaned my studio which it needed very bad. I did such a good job of cleaning that I put the piece I made away somewhere and NOW I don't know where it is. This is actually driving me crazy. I can't find it anywhere. I like how it turned out too. Hopefully tomorrow I will have a post that shows it. Wish me luck!

I just posted the top two pieces to my shop. I know have 17 pieces for sale. I figure that is pretty good. There will eventually be something there that someone else will like. I did take one piece down that I just did not like and the more I looked at it the more I decided it was really not good. It was a huge relief.

I just started rereading Craft Inc by Meg Mateo Ilasco. It has such great information in it. I think I am getting much more out of it the second time. Now that I am actually trying to sell and have a business I can apply a lot of what I am reading. Not all of it works for me since everything I am doing right now is originals.

Last but not least is this awesome video. I posted it on facebook, but I have to put it here too. I love it! I am becoming very fond of Lisa Hannigan.


Victoria said...

Your work is beautiful... love the layers and the delicacy. Wonderful!

Agnes Nz said...

What a beautiful website, I am happy to discover it!