Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I promise I won't whine....

But OOOOH, this weather! What is up with that? One minute it is raining buckets (literally) and the next minute the sun is out. I really wish it would just let the sun come out and play ALL day.
I haven't been hitting the studio like I should. I have to go buy some more boards to work on today. I went thru all of mine. I think that is actually a really good thing. It means I have been working. Just not this week.

The one thing that has me on a bit of a learning curve is how to budget for art supplies. Maybe other people do this already, but I don't. I have been just getting what I need when I need it, but now my husband has put us on a (choke, choke) budget. So, I can't just go whenever I want and buy what I need, or honestly buy stuff that looks interesting and I want to try. We have it in our budget for me to buy them, it's just that I can't go out and buy whatever I want. I never went completely crazy, but there is something so liberating about spotting some kind of thing you want to try and bringing it home and either 1) trying it right away or 2) letting it sit in your studio for who knows how long until you find some reason to try it out. It seems silly, but I LOVE having new art supplies. It's like my daughter with a new box of crayons. I totally get that.
So, do you budget for supplies? Or do you just buy what you need when you need it and forgo that cup of coffee etc... Or are you just independently wealthy and have no idea what I am talking about?

As soon as I have some thing new and interesting to put up here I will. Hopefully today. I am working on an altered book using beeswax which is really cool. That might take a while. The Owl painting above is from a set that I did of different birds.


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