Tuesday, May 19, 2009

new and found...

As I said in my last post (a little gushy, I know) I found my painting. It was sitting up on a shelf looking all nice and pretty. I had no idea I was being so responsible!

Things are a little dreary here in Portland. It's raining again. My car window came off it's tracks and I have to manually close it. Unfortunately I can't close it all the way and I end up with a semi-wet seat. I am waiting for the nice weather to come back tomorrow so I will not have to sit on a towel anymore.

I made it out to my studio today and I made a piece that was sitting in my head since last night. I made a different one last night too. I was busy! The second one is called Indecision (that's the one I made today). Maybe it should have been called procrastination. I LOVE working in my studio and updating the shop so much that I sometimes forget that I have a house and dishes to do etc... It's good to forget once in a while, but now that I look around I have to decide where to start. OOps.

I have two other painting that I might put in the shop tomorrow. I think for now I will just put them up on my little corner of Flickr.

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urban craft said...

I love your little paintings. Just beautiful!