Sunday, May 31, 2009

Something different...

Today I was feeling uninspired. Even so I decided my best bet was to just be out in the studio and keep working until something hit me. I made my first piece "Gypsy Moth" and wasn't really happy with it as it was. I then decided to make a collage. I haven't made a collage(y) collage in a while. It was really fun. I actually really like it too. It's 12 x 16" hardboard, but I used watercolor paper and then mounted it. I think it really helped me get past that anxious feeling that I get. The one that says I am never going to be creative again! I can have some pretty negative self-talk. The trick I think is to just keep working and ignoring what your brain might be saying.

I did go back and work on "Gypsy Moth". I am much happier with it now.

Both of these pieces are going in my shop.

I hope you are having a lovely weekend. We are enjoying a long stretch of beautiful warm weather here in Portland. It sure is nice. It feels like summer has already started.

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