Monday, June 29, 2009


I have been having a little anxiety when I come out to the studio over the last couple of days. Not sure what is up with that. Unfortunately it shows in my work. It's mediocre at best. I know it can't always be easy, but I wish I knew what was stressing me out. As one solution I have been slowly cleaning my space up. It's helping a little. Part of my anxiety I think stems from the fact that I am just not feeling very inspired. I know that it helps me if I just keep working and something will come. I have been doing that. My work is just kind of flat. Nothing really great about it. You can see it in the picture (sorry for the crookedness). I am embarrassed to post it, but I figure might as well not hide it. I think we all have those times where our work just is sub-par and you just have to deal with it.

One cool thing that did happen this weekend is I know have internet in my studio. I am actually writing this post from there. I also am able now to post my pictures from right here. I like having it all in one spot. My printer and scanner are still in the house. I just don't have room for another thing out here. I might change my mind later.

On another note I have been listening to The Vaselines and loving it. I wish it would get my motor going when it comes to painting!

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Alea Bone said...

Did you get my email? You should have come to the Mosaic show with me in Lake Oswego this weekend. It blew my mind! Maybe you should go out and see some art and then something might start clicking for you. Good Luck.