Sunday, June 14, 2009

back from a little break...

I am back. I took a little break away from the computer down at my father in-laws boat house. No computers which is nice. My family and I hung out, watched movies and did a lot of fishing. It was really fun. The only downside is being away from the studio. I did bring a sketch book with me so I could write down ideas. I had a few.

I came up with these two pieces above. They are variations on sketches that I had made. I usually don't plan what I make (I think I have said this before), but this time I thought I would try it. The sketches don't match what actually was made, but they were a really good starting out point. These pieces are going in my shop today.

I am loving my new method for heating the wax. It has made it so much easier to be spontaneous when I am making my pieces. I just have to say it again because I feel really lucky!

I hope you all have had/are having a wonderful weekend!

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