Friday, June 26, 2009


I worked with some copper yesterday and I really like it. I have some copper tape that I used for soldering and I put that on a piece. It had started to rust a little and it turned out really cool. I also had some copper sheets that I cut holes out of and used it for one of the pieces. I used it on the two above pieces.

I sent my check into today for my booth at Skating with Scissors (September 19). It feels pretty good. I am really happy to get that out and know that there will be a booth for me. I still have no idea how I am going to set it up. I don't have a display idea yet. I need to check some out and get some ideas.

I have sold a couple pieces to some friends this week. It feels nice to know that my friends want something I made in their houses. I love that. It's really neat to see my art in a different setting. Keely bought the "my little white dress" series. I am thinking of making another series. Not sure of what yet. I just had such a good time with those. It was fun to think of a theme and see it come out.

This week has felt extremely long and I am happy the weekend is here. I am looking forward to some long studio time. I also have some books that I am hoping to read very soon. Not to mention dishes, laundry and my very sad looking yard. So much to do!

Hope you have a very good weekend!

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