Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A thank you and some new work....

I first want to say thank you to my friend Keely. She wrote a really nice post about me on her blog. I am really flattered. This is the first time someone has written anything about me and it's really nice.

I made it out to the studio yesterday and today. I ended up completing some work. That feels good. I was feeling a little blocked yesterday, but I think my piece turned out ok. I like it. I plan on being out in the studio as much as possible today. It looks like it's going to be a nice day so the kids should be out there as well. I have a lot of things that should be done inside the house, but I really need to take advantage of this weather more. I love it.

I have been having a problem with bees lately. Since I work with beeswax I attract a lot of bees. Unfortunately I get dive-bombed a lot. I have never been stung and don't really want to be. I had one bee flight straight into the hot wax. It was a little shocking to watch this bee fly directly into the hot wax. I have some mesh curtains that I use in my doorway of the studio. Unfortunately they don't do a very good job of keeping the bees out. I guess if you work with beeswax you have to live with the bees.

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