Monday, June 22, 2009

Today I woke up early and worked in the studio which was nice. I just added the piece that I made today to my shop. I'm still loving the circles! I made my own encaustic wax and I have to say I love having the variety of colors. It's so nice. Plus with my new electric fry pan there is room to heat all of them up. That makes life so much easier.

I am thinking about the sale coming up in September. I am really trying to figure out how to balance Etsy and the sale. I came up with another piece today that I think might be done. It's for the sale. I figure I will just have to pick and choose which ones are for which. The one below is for the sale.Other than that I am just going to try to be as productive as possible. I have been neglecting my poor house for the last few days so I need to catch up on that. Nothing very exciting about cleaning my house. My studio is a pretty big mess too. That also needs to be cleaned. That is way more fun to clean than my house. I love having a clean studio. It makes it so fun to go out and mess it all up again!

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