Thursday, July 16, 2009

Never Mind...

OK, so I just thought I would be taking a break. I actually was able to get out and enjoy my studio today. I figured I would write a little bit about what I have been doing. To start off with I spent the end of the weekend/beginning of the week at my father in-laws house boat. It was really nice. The weather was a little chilly and it did rain a bit, but we had a nice time. It was just the kids and I. We missed Josh, but it was OK. He came for a visit, but with his work schedule he would have had no time to sleep. So, plans were changed and it all worked out. The other thing I am working on is my house. I have a lot to do. There are some women coming over on Sunday and I want my house to look good. I always panic a little bit about these things. I suddenly decide that my house needs to be painted, furniture needs to be moved, art needs to be removed etc... I usually can stop myself before I go completely off the wall. I do have a lot to do though so today will be completely devoted to the house and outside. Lucky for me I had my studio time this morning. Anyway, that's about it. Nothing too exciting which is how I like it.

I made the piece above last week. It goes with the other three Little White Dress pieces that are now in my friend Keely's house. I just loved doing that series. There might be more to come. I will just have to see. I put this in the shop, and I did a little shop maintenance. I have 39 pieces in there now. I still have a lot of work to do, but it feels pretty good to have a good amount of work in there.

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