Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Not much...

Not much happening today. I didn't wake up early to get out in the studio this morning like I planned to. I was giving myself a little leeway because I finished the two paintings above yesterday afternoon. I even posted them in my shop. I am out here now though. It's hard to take a day away from my space. So, here I am. I am not sure if I will actually do anything productive or not. I know I need to go in sometime and make cookies (which is crazy talk since it's so warm out). Lucky for me the kids are completely distracted right now so I have time to write this.

I even took some new pictures of the studio yesterday. I mainly took them of my electric frying pan which I am still loving and am so glad I found. I thought you might want to see exactly what I am doing with that. The little metal muffin tin and the individual tins all have my different colors of encaustic wax in them. I was buying colored encaustic wax, but have since started making my own. It give me a lot of freedom to decide which colors I really want to use. Its a fun process and I am still really enjoying it.

I might actually have some prints done soon. I have some acrylic collages and painting that I did that I am going to try to turn into prints. I haven't figured out much about how to do this so any suggestions would be welcome.

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