Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I am counting down until I have my house, my routine and my time back. I have had a house guest for the last week and I have a hard time sharing space. I like having my time to work and play. I like cooking in my own kitchen and being on my own sometimes. This is difficult when you are entertaining.

I have some new pieces I have made that I will post next week and inspiration for SOO many more. I can't wait to have my studio back. (I don't work well with people over my shoulder)

For those of you local PDX'ers who are arts and craftsers there is a fun event coming up in November. Here is the link:

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Alea Bone said...

I am counting down the days as well! Nate is in camp this week -which has given me a chance to get back into the studio! Getting a taste of art this week has got me so excited for school to start! I can't wait to be working again.

Looking forward to seeing your new pieces.