Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Work!

I have some new work. I am out in the studio as I write this enjoying some time. I have completed a couple pieces (above) started a couple and have just generally been loving being out here. It's nice.

I am getting set for the kids to go back to school and having a more regular routine. I did pretty good at the beginning of summer, but it was getting a little easy to sleep in a bit these last couple of weeks. Then we had a guest which changed things again. Now we are waiting for school to begin and change things all over again. At least this change will be for a few months. I am really excited about it. More importantly my kids are really excited to go back to school which will make this transition so much easier.

As far my art I am feeling a little pressure because of the Skating with Scissors show on September 19. I want to make sure that I am really ready for it. I don't have my displays ready yet and I really need to work on that. I am going on the inexpensive side since this sort of a trial run to see how I do. I am nervous about it. This is my first show outside of my kids school show. That one isn't until November so I have some time to prepare for that. I just need to find that balance between getting ready for shows and updating my Etsy shop. I haven't done that in a while. I did sell another piece which feels really good.

I hope everyone is having a good week!

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keely said...

where are you lately? Kids going back to school? Its busy transition time I'll bet.