Sunday, August 9, 2009

Still here...

I am still around. And I am still working on the house. I am out in my wonderful studio (ooh, how I miss it) and will be in here by the end of next week with some new work. I just need to finish my house to get ready for my mother in-law. Wow, it's amazing how things can look when you look at them thru other people's eyes. Sometimes that can be a really good thing and other times it can make you crazy. I think I am hitting the crazy time. I think I need to give myself a little break. I like things to be perfect and as those of you who read this know I don't have a perfectly cute existence. My life is messy, my house is messy and I don't usually mind it that way. I think I read too many blogs where people talk about how beautiful their homes, and their lives are. Not here. It's a messy existence I lead. I don't mind it. It's how my art comes from me. If it was all perfect my art would be VERY boring. There are times though where I wish I could say that things are perfect; my kids are perfect, my husband is a saint, and my house is as cute as can be. That is just not the case. I have many flaws and they are there all the time. I have found a rememdy for those times when you feel down and out and have to just accept who you are: THE RAMONES. Try it sometime. Nothing can make you feel better than a little Ramones to make you realize that instead of making your life look pretty you just got a dance around a little.

So, here it is my messy, crazy life. I think there are at least a few of you that can relate. At least I hope so!

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