Friday, September 4, 2009


Today is the day I am going to clean up my studio. It's looking a little sad right now. I have a lot of stuff in here that actually needs to go into our garage (paint cans, charcoal (?), etc.) Plus my work table is a huge old mess. I am feeling so lazy though. I know I will feel better when it's all done. I just have to be motivated. I guess the motivation is supposed to be knowing that you have a clean space to work. Why is that not working for me????

I am also working on a new piece right now, but am a little stuck. Not sure which way I want it to go. Nothing is really hitting me. I am trying to find some music to listen to that will give me some inspiration. Right now I am listening to The Breeders. So far I think it might work.

The piece above I finished the other day. I think I like it. I struggled with it because I just couldn't decide if it was done or not. I am going to say it's done now. Or I will just admit that I am tired of it and want it to be done now.

This is our last weekend until school starts. I am thinking of how much I will get done when school starts. OOOH, uninterrupted studio time how much I have missed you!

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