Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Feeling uninspired...

I am not feeling inspired today. I went out to the studio, I turned on my wax and NOTHING. It's such a bummer when I feel this way. I really wanted to make something, but nothing was coming to me. This is probably a sign that I need to do some other stuff to stimulate my brain. I think I am going to do some Ashtanga Yoga (ooh la la) tonight to get my blood flowing. Other than that I have been a magazine junkie lately. I can go months without being interested in magazines and then something will happen and I just want to read them. I am a book person so normally I can get into a book and finish it pretty quickly. I usually have more than one going at a time. For some reason though even though I have a book I could read (actually I have several) I am not into it. I am into magazines. Part of it is the eye candy. There is so much going on with colors! I love the colors that are "in" right now. The purples and reds really get to me. Love them! The trick with reading all these magazines (vogue, elle, bazaar, etc..) is that I number one do not come close to looking like the models in the magazines, and two I couldn't afford a t-shirt ($86.00!) that they have in there. So, it's just for looking. And there is some inspiration there too. Like I said, the colors really get to me and sometimes the shape and flow of a garment can inspire me. It just depends.

Today I posted some more pieces in my store. I am feeling pretty good about it. Tomorrow I will have 40 pieces in there which is the most I have ever had. By the end of the week there will be even more.

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Carina said...

i googled uninspired and art together cause i was feeling uninspired and your link popped up.
maybe im just depressed, oh well.
well anyways, i hope you always feel inspired :)