Tuesday, September 15, 2009


So, here is some more pieces I have made. I think I have more than enough for the sale on Saturday. It's going to be hard to decide what I want to display. I want to have enough of a variety, but I want them all to be cohesive too. Plus, I feel like I might be getting a little ahead of myself with having all these pieces. I don't know if I will sell anything. I do know that I will be posting to Etsy after the sale. It should be a big update!

I haven't updated my flickr account in a long time. I just realized when I went on that my account had expired (I have a Pro acct) oops. I have to update that. I think it's been a few months. I have a lot of pieces that need to go on there. My friends have all been really good about posting on there. It's fun to see what they have done. I am a lucky girl to have such talented friends. They are talented photographers. I do wish I was better at photographing. I am really happy that my digital camera has all the auto settings. I have NO idea how to do it manually. I did take a photograhpy class in high school (ages ago) but I think I barely got a "B" Sad, I know. I think the teacher was just being nice. I did try though. I just don't have the photography gene.

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