Friday, October 30, 2009

Birdies x 2

Today I finished two paintings that I have been working on. One is a painting that I am doing for the Audubon Society auction done in acrylic and collaged, the other one is collage, but done in encaustic. They are both really similar and I had a lot of fun making them. I have never really tried to make two of something and it was kind of fun. They turned out differently even though they both started out basically the same. The one in the cream and blue is the Audubon society piece, the one in the browns will go in my etsy shop today.

I have new duds for my studio. It's pretty mild out today, but the other day it was really chilly and wet. Well, I am doing good because Josh found me some Dickie's insulate coveralls! I have some cotton ones that I sometimes use in the summer, but they are not warm. These are really warm. I look like the Michelin man, but I am super cozy. Plus, I can work in them which is really important. I just put them right over my clothes (or pajamas) and off to work I go. It's great.

Don't forget Portlanders me along with 90(!) other awesome vendors are going to be at the Lewis Holiday Bazaar on November 7! It's going to be awesome. Go to and see all the cool Portland vendors.

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ivegotissues said...

I really like the birds, kelly!