Monday, October 12, 2009

A small reminder.

I am back from a really restful vacation. The kids did not have school last friday and I took them out about an hour early on Thursday to get our small break started. It was lovely. We did not much of anything. I watched some Mad Men (s2) and that was great, had some wine, did some fishing (I caught a big one!) The kids only fought a little which was good.

I am stuck. I have been trying to work on projects and am just not coming up with anything. I did make this piece today. I like it. I needed to remember to do just that, breathe. I find myself really frustrated. I have this feeling like I want to make something, but nothing is really coming forward. I have tried crocheting, painting, collages with magazines, encaustic, journaling etc.. nothing is sticking. Ugh, it's frustrating. I know I will get thru this just like I have the other times. I just hope this doesn't last too long. It's hard to have all this creative energy and no outlet.

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