Wednesday, November 18, 2009


This is the 134th post that I have written. That is pretty wild. Anywho, I did some work today and am going to be updating my shop again. The above piece will be in my shop. I also am pretty excited because I have started working on another project. I am not sure where it is going. I do know that I am going to take my time with it and just see where it takes me. Below is a picture of what it is looking like. I haven't done much yet. I found an old drawer that I sawed the ends off and am using one of my insulin vials. I have all this weird little hardware stuff that I collect that I think I will be incorporating as well. I am just excited about it. I haven't done any "playing" in a while.

My daughter is home for the 3rd day in a row. Next week they only have 1 day of school so she is missing a lot. Nothing much I can do about it. She had such a bad cough and fever. The fever is finally gone! It's been gone for almost 24 hours which means that tomorrow morning she can head back to school.

I started crocheting a little garland for my mantel. It's just red crochet yarn and I am just making little circles every so often. It's pretty fun to do something else with my hand. Plus, I am so looking forward to decorating for the holidays. I don't decorate for Thanksgiving or Halloween (besides pumpkins) but Christmas I LOVE to decorate for. I am going to start getting things ready next week while the kids are home. I am trying to think of other things that I can make. Not sure what that will be yet. Anybody know of some cool holiday crafts?

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