Thursday, December 3, 2009


My goodness it's chilly outside. I know it's not that cold compared to other places, and I know there is no snow on the ground, but that wind is really chilly. I made it out to the studio today and even though I was inside, the studio is not insulated. It is cold in there. I had my insulated coveralls (sometime I will take a picture of that!) on, a hat, and some gloves and I still was cold.

I was able to look thru a couple of my older paintings that I decided to post on Etsy. And a new one that I made (above). I had this song in my head by Iron and Wine called Flightless Bird, American mouth. It's still stuck in my head. Anyway, that is what I had going on in my head when I made the piece. In particular my favorite part is when he sings "have I found you". Its beautiful. So, this piece is called have I found you? I am actually a fan of all the Iron and Wine albums, but this song has stuck in my head for weeks. Even after I listen to it, it's still there. Lucky for me I like this song!

Well, I am well on my way with my Christmas shopping. I still have a ways to go, but I feel like I have a good start on it all. I am trying to make gifts this year, like always. It's hard to come up with something cool that people will like (and won't regret not being able to return). I think I have come up with some things. I tried crocheting with a size 1 hook last night. Yikes, that is hard. I swear my eyes were hurting. So were my hands. It was fun though. I am not a great crocheter, but I like having something to do with my hands. I am not one of those people who can multitask when she crochets. I have to fully focus all my attention on what I am doing. I can't watch tv or glance at a magazine. I did have National Lampoons Christmas Vacation on last night. I have seen it enough times that just listening to it made me laugh.

Tomorrow the kids are off school (again) so I am not sure I will be able to get much work done. I hope so. If it's as sunny as it is today I may just send them outside all bundled up for a bit.
Hope everyone is staying toasty!

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