Thursday, December 31, 2009


I didn't plan on taking a two week break from this blog. I thought I could do all the Christmas stuff and work in the studio AND keep up with my blog. Unfortunately the closest I was able to come was keeping on top of Christmas (except those Thank you cards we have yet to send out!) I had been out of the studio for almost two weeks as well. UNTIL today! I am so happy. I finally made it out there for a couple of hours and it was fantastic. I feel completely inspired and ready for the New Year.

I worked on some Little White dress pieces and another piece that I like as well. I received a gift certificate to Art Media here in Portland, so I stocked up on some supplies. I am all set for hours of working fun. Thanks to Josh I have two pounds of wax to get thru as well. I haven't had an ideas of what I am going to work on. I just went out and worked and let whatever was going to come out... out. It was good. I had been feeling so cooped up and bored that I think all I really needed was some time out to work. I was able to turn the music up really loud and get to it.

I am going to post these new pieces on Etsy. It was so fun, one of the pieces in my last blog p0st was put up in the shop and then sold within a couple of hours. That was fun. I like the idea that someone saw it and just decided it was for them. So, out it went. The not fun part was sending it during the Christmas rush. Yikes, post offices are crazy. I usually don't do any mailing when it comes this close.

I am very excited for the New Year. I have just a couple of goals for this year. One of them being that I want to get much better at keeping up my Etsy shop and learning how to work it better. I have been saving all the emails with tips and tricks and just haven't spent the time reading it yet. I will do that this year. I also have some very personal goals that I will be working on. Those I think I will keep to myself for now.

I hope everyone has a great and safe New Year. I know we will.

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