Friday, January 8, 2010

Really nothing much...

I worked on two pieces today, but only one actually turned out. I also made another piece yesterday that I like. They are the two here.
One of my New Years goals was to get out in the studio EVERYDAY. I find that I function much better if I can have my studio time. It was really cold out there today and I am still cold even though I have been inside for over an hour. That wind is chilling. But I made it out there. The cold weather can make it harder to work with the wax. It dries much faster when the temperature is low. It can also make it kind of bumpy. I prefer it to be a little bit warmer. I used a couple of different irons and my heat gun and it worked alright. The wax just hardens really fast. It makes it difficult to manipulate. Especially if I am doing some incising and some scraping. The wax is so hard when I try to scrape it back that it takes a really long time. I am not particularly fond of the results.
Yesterday for some reason it seemed easier although I think it was just as cold. Maybe a degree or two warmer and that is all the wax needs.
Another one of my goals is to post on my blog everyday and I am failing miserably at that. I just don't have much going on at the moment. Now that the holidays are over I just get to do the stuff that has to get done and everything else is a free choice. Usually I am doing something with my kids, but I have had the urge to keep getting back in my studio even if I have already spent a couple hours there. Today was particularly frustrating because I really wanted to make something and what I came up with just isn't what I had in mind. It's like that itch you cannot scratch. I don't know what exactly I thought I would come up with, but this wasn't it. Maybe tomorrow I will be able to work a little more freely. Not sure what the weather is supposed to do, but I know I will be using my heater.

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