Thursday, February 25, 2010


"in california"

I am having an attraction to circles lately. This piece I made today called "In California" has circles (obliviously). I like the shape of circles. I like that they don't end just keep going around and around. My circles are far from perfect. They have jagged bumpy edges and I like that about them. The background of this piece is made with lots of layers of fused wax. I don't usually put that many layers (6?) on the base of a piece, but do it as I go. This piece I wanted to be able to carve through. Part of me thinks it looks like a little kid did it and the other part of me likes it just for that reason. It seems to have an innocent look that I like. If you can call a piece of art innocent. Which is what i just did so I guess you can. I just posted this in my etsy shop. I have another piece that I worked on today that I am currently putting a frame on. It doesn't have any circles on it! I will put that one up tomorrow.

I have been wanting to do some art journals these last few weeks, but haven't found time. When I am in my studio I want to work on encaustics. I LOVE to bring a few supplies into the house and get to work on some pages. The only problem is that I am really messy and it takes up space. Plus I am pretty sure it drives Josh a little nuts. I am not the best housekeeper to begin with so adding a whole slew of paints, magazines and scraps to that makes it look like a tornado came thru.

The other thing I have been missing A LOT is sewing. I have two amazing machines, a serger and a basically brand new sewing machine that I haven't used much. I miss making things. There just doesn't seem to be enough hours in each day. I am not someone who stays up late anymore so I can't work after the kids go to bed. When they go to bed I usually read because I am about to fall asleep too. And mornings are a little crazy getting them to school, then getting some exercise in and moving to the studio. I reserve the afternoons for Etsy and this blog. THEN I do some dishes, laundry, errands, pick up the kids, dinner etc.. Where do I fit sewing and journaling into this I am not sure. Not that I am going to complain about this. I am a lucky person and I know it. So, I should stop complaining and make some time to do what I want to do. I just can't cut out my studio time. That couple of hours is a necessity. Weekends? We'll see.....

I won't be posting much next week as it's a busy one. I am hoping that I will still have studio time everyday, but I am not sure. If I do I probably won't be posting much since most of the appointments I have are in the afternoon.

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