Thursday, February 18, 2010


"wish you were here"

I have so little to post about.

I have been taking it a little easy in the creative department this week. Not slacking per se just trying to fill my creativity well a little bit. So, I have been looking more than creating. Getting inspired by photos in magazines and letting the ideas in my head get jotted down. It helped. I made it out to the studio today. It was gorgeous outside and I couldn't resist being out there. I made the piece above which I just posted to my etsy shop.

I did attend the Love Show during last Friday's opening. I am so glad I went! It was so fun. The art was AMAZING. Loved it. Some good friends came and that was awesome. Plus, right before I left I saw them putting a sold sticker on my piece! It was very exciting. I know I am a bit of a dork because I hugged the woman who put the sticker on it. She seemed just as excited as me so I don't think I freaked her out or anything. I guess I am not the cool nonchalant artiste type. If you can get to the Love show you should check it out. It's up until March 12.

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