Tuesday, March 30, 2010


So, I have been away from this blog much longer than I anticipated. I didn't think I would be gone so long.

I have had some really great news. I am going to have 10 of my pieces up in a gallery called The Attic. I just shipped them out today. It is really scary sending out your art. I have had this same type of fear come up with Etsy. I am always afraid that people will see the picture, like it and then when they have the actual art in their hands they will hate it. It's caused me a lot of anxiety. Sending all 10 pieces today was a huge relief and also another anxiety causing event. I just hope that they like what I sent (they picked the pieces).

I also have been thinking a lot about a special project I am working on for a family. I had so many great ideas and then that fear took hold again. "what if they hate it.. what if it's just total crap and they are too polite to say anything?" I know that I need to get over this. It's causing some major creative back up.

I didn't really have this anxiety when I had a show a couple of years ago. It was all my work and it was a lot different than what I do know. The work was incredibly personal and pretty revealing. I just don't think I knew at the time what a big deal it was to have it all out there for everyone to see. It's strange now to think about how much less scared I was back then. I would like to get back to that feeling of just letting it go and hoping for the best.

I plan on not being away from this blog for so long. I have a lot of catching up to do. I spent a whole week away from everything last week. It was good to take a break and just focus on something else for a bit. But now I am back and I really need my studio time. Tomorrow is going to be all studio for me. I will hopefully have a picture to post tomorrow.

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