Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Before I take the garbage out...

So, yes I am about to take the garbage out, but first wanted to write on here that all of the pieces I posted yesterday have been listed in my Etsy shop. Considering how gorgeous it is outside I am not sure why I am on the computer! 

I finally made it out to the studio before my kids could come out. I have a few pieces in progress that I am really excited about. I decided that I would conserve my energy a little and not try to get them done all at one time. I think that is how I get so frustrated. I get on a roll and then get interrupted a hundred times for different things. This morning was much more peaceful. It's hard right now though because the studio is calling to me. But I know there is no way I would get any work done with the kids being outside. And as I stated above, I have to take the garbage out. 

Pictures coming tomorrow! Yay. 

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