Monday, June 14, 2010

dark and light...

I had some dark painting moments this weekend. Nothing that I will post here, but you can take my word for it. I had some stuff to get out and painting usually helps with that. It's a lot better than holding it inside or taking out on my family. So, I lock myself in my studio and paint. When it's all done, I feel better. Then I usually have to move on to something less serious. That's where the two pieces above come in. They are much lighter than my other work. I had fun making them which was good. And I like them so that's a bonus. One piece (I won't say which because she reads my blog) is for a friend of mines birthday. The other I just like.

And since I am a proud parent I have to share the pieces below. My son did the blue one. He wrote the poem himself and I helped him with the canvas. He is very good at writing poems. Something I hope he will continue to do even when he doesn't have to. My daughter and I put the other piece together. We found the poem on-line. I thought it was very sweet. She helped put the SWAN on top (her teachers name).

****PICTURES have to come tomorrow, something is up with blogger :(

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