Monday, June 21, 2010


Let me start this by saying that I adore my kids. Love them like nothing else. BUT they are talkers. Big talkers. They like to inform me of EVERYTHING. Which sometimes I appreciate, but other times like when I am trying to work on a painting can drive me a little on the nutso side. I am sensing that I am going to have to forgo the "sleeping in" part of summer and start getting up before the kids do so I can have some quiet time in the studio. I guess I don't do to well with someone talking in my ear (Literally) while I am trying to work. 

It was another day of challenges in the studio today. Some of the things that came out of it I like some I have to get used to. Not sure how I feel about them yet. I have been unusually drawn to the color purple today. Not usually one I use a lot, but it sounded good to me today. So, that color was used a lot. Other than that I kind of stuck to some of my old ways. Still fill like I am flying blind in there. Things just are not coming so easy. I had one idea that I really liked, but it just turned out kind of bad. So, I started over. I think something better actually became of the piece though. 

I think I will list a couple of these pieces in my Etsy shop tomorrow.

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