Monday, July 19, 2010


I have been absent (again!) I'm not sure exactly why, but I think it has to do with it being summer. Not just that my kids are home, that does cut into my studio time a lot. It's more than that. I feel like I need some time to regroup and and that maybe something new is headed my way. Some new creative step that I am on the brink of. I put in two hours in the studio today and it was a good two hours. I am working on a couple things that I really like. It's just that nothing is done yet. I am slowing way down and taking on longer pieces. It feels good and a little strange. I am used to coming up with an idea and boom, it's done. Part of it is that I am working a little bigger. This is new for me. And a little intimidating. I have been going back and forth between encaustics and acrylics. I have two pieces going on at one time and taking my time on both. It's good actually to take my time. To really think through what I want a piece to be about and try and execute it on a somewhat larger scale. 

There are other changes too. I have recently read Eating Animals by Johnathan Safran Foer.  It is a very well written book. Very disturbing and made me really think about the choices I am making. After a long (10 year) hiatus I have gone back to being a vegetarian. No meat of any kind. It's a good decision for me. I feel better about it. This has been sitting in my brain for a while now and this book just pushed that to the forefront for me. Before I had my son I had every intention of raising him as a vegetarian and then when I was about half-way through my pregnancy I started eating meat. So, that was thrown out the window. Although this may not seem to be related to my art. I really believe it is. As I said, it's made me think a little more about what I am doing. On all levels. 

The other factor is that I need art in my life. When I am not working on something I am reading about it. It's a constant in my life. But I also am enjoying spending the time with my kids who are getting older and wanting more separation, but at the same time are still needing there mommy. I like that, but I know it is fleeting. I feel like this summer is the summer of transition and I need to respect that and go along with it. Not try to push those feelings aside. 

I am still working and still coming up with ideas. I believe there is more change coming for me and I am so curious to see where my art goes. Hopefully you will stick it out with me.

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