Monday, January 31, 2011

New show...New Anxiety

I hung my show up at Akasu Salon and Spa today. I had made 22 pieces. 19 were hung. The last 3 didn't fit which is fine. I brought everything I had made. I am feeling so anxious about this. I feel like I worked so hard for this show and then when I look at the pieces I am just not sure if they are good enough. I am the typically pretty insecure when it comes to showing my art to others. I love making it, LOVE IT. I just get so nervous when I have to stand by it. I feel like it's not just a judgment of my art, but of me too. Maybe it is. I guess it definitely shows whether you have any talent or not. I always hang a show and then completely second guess everything I have done. I want it to knock peoples socks off. Which I know is pretty ridiculous. Everyone has their own tastes and not everyone is going to like my work. Of course, what if everyone hates it. I hope not. 

I took some pictures. I took them after the pieces were hung so they are not the greatest as far as light. But you get the idea. When I look at them I wonder if I have any kind of "style". I don't feel like my art is easily identified as mine. I don't think it necessarily looks like someone else in style. I just don't know if it's all cohesive. I just get bored doing the same thing over and over again. So, I change it up. Maybe that isn't such a good thing. I just don't know. 

Anyway, below are the pictures. This is an incredibly nice place and it smells wonderful. Thank you to the wonderful Sarah Mathis for allowing me to do this show. I am assuming the anxiety will leave me at some point. I have to do some more pieces because the space needs more. Nothing like working under a little bit of pressure to get the creativity moving . I thought I would chill today, but I think I will work. It takes my mind off of all the anxiety that is brewing in me right now. 

Again, I apologize for the quality of the pictures, I had to work around the rooms so the lighting isn't very good and some of the pictures look crooked (but they are not).

Next up is the Love Show! I will be posting a picture of what I came up with for that one tomorrow.

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Alea Bone said...

Wow -that is such an incredible amount of work! I know how hard you have been working, and it looks beautiful! The ocean scape piece is especially wonderful! I also like the hand (below it) A LOT! You definitely have a style, not sure if it's your color scheme, textures, ethereal dreaminess or all of the above. I look forward to smelling the salon and seeing the art in person. Rest if you can -you deserve it!