Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year, New Stuff...

Happy New Year! OK, I know it's already the 4th, but it takes me a while to catch up to all this stuff.I had a very nice holiday with my family, but now it's back to normal, mostly. My daughter came down with a cold last night (after 1 day at school!) and passed it on to me. So we have been huddled up today. I planned on getting out to the studio, but I felt like that would not be a good choice. Aside from the cold stuff I am dealing with, it's FREEZING cold in my studio. Very, very cold. The bonus is that I am out of the wind. I have a lovely mechanics suite that I wear, but I was just too tired to put it on today. I have lots to do. As you will see from the pictures above I have my work cut out for me.

My favorite thing from Christmas was getting gift cards for Art Supplies. My FAVORITE kind of shopping. I knew I was running low so it was time for some fun shopping. I went to two of my favorite art stores. I've Been Framed and Art Media. I was lucky in that I was able to go to Collage on Woodstock before Christmas. I stocked up on some things there too. I feel like I have a chance to start fresh and new this January. 

I have many ideas and not a clue where to start. I am currently finishing up a Christmas/New Years gift for some friends. It's not completely done (read above paragraph about the cold) but it's just about finished. It's encaustic. I love working with wax again. It had been a little while. When it gets this cold out though, it's a little harder to work with. I have had to layer it a little more than I usually do otherwise they get some tiny cracks that I keep having to heat up and fix. I think the piece is turning out kind of cool. They love Paris and have been there a few times so some Paris theme had to be involved. I am excited to post it on here when it's done and they have seen it. 

I believe (am crossing my fingers) that the New Year is going to be bringing some pretty big changes my way. I am not sure yet, but am hoping so. It's just a matter of time. When I find out for sure I will post it here. 

Also, I have a show! February I will be having a show for two months at a local spa. I am very excited about this. I have to get cracking. I want to put some fresh work up. So, cold be damned. This girl needs to get out and play!


Alea Bone said...

Congrats on the Spa Show Kelly! Be sure and give us the details so we can go and check it out!! How wonderful to get so many new art goodies, I'm jealous of the big stack of wood. . . Oh the possibilities!

Kelly said...

Thanks Alea. I am going to put up information on the First Cup show when I have more info. I can't wait! I imagine it's going to be very cool to see all our different styles together.

asleeptodream said...

I look forward to see your new work posted here soon! Can you use a space heater in the studio? Feel better soon. ;-)