Friday, March 11, 2011

The Keeper of Dreams

This piece I made is called The Keeper of Dreams. I used acrylics for this one. Once I put a coat of blue acrylic down I added a layer of crackle medium. I added the first layer, and let it dry overnight. I then added a second layer of crackle medium and let it dry until it was tacky. I used a Golden orange color over that. The crackle worked really well I thought. This was the first time for me to use it. I have to say that the picture is not so great. My camera is acting really weird so I am getting a lot of odd shades. Also, I had another picture to show you of another encaustic piece I made using the Cherry Red Hot wax that I talked about yesterday. You will have to take my word for it that this red is seriously bright cherry. Love it! I am hoping to have this piece up next week. 

 Anyway, The Keeper of Dreams was inspired by a piece that my friend Maria showed me that she has at her house. I can't remember the artist, but it was fantastic. She uses real butterfly feathers. My piece has bird feathers and it totally different. I used flashing for the bottom to write "the keeper of dreams" which I inscribed with an awl. I tried really hard to use my metal alphabet stamps, but they wouldn't push through the flashing. I must have been doing something wrong. It was kind of fun to inscribe with the awl. Not sure if it looks great, but I personally like the look of it. I highlighted that with some pure pigment and then covered it in gel medium. The hardest part was screwing that piece down to the canvas. I screwed it into the wood frame and those are hard. Almost broke my drill bit! It was fun to have something to use tools on. I love tools. If I was handier I might come up with some more interesting work. 

Anyway, hope you like the piece. It was fun to make.

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