Thursday, March 10, 2011

New pics and a product I LOVE

First off there are some new paintings I have been working on. My camera is acting funny so on "Key" I didn't get the full painting. I did get the detail. As you can see I am loving these burlap butterflies I bought at Collage. More about Collage later. Anyway, I did one painting when I was full on encaustic mode. I think I did 8 layers of wax and scraped it away so you can see all the different colors. Not sure that it is one of my better ones, but it was fun to make. The last one is called "Blue" and I am stuck. The reason why is because I love the color so much. Here comes the product endorsement. I bought some encaustic wax at Collage called Kandi's Hot Wax Art Encaustic Wax.  I LOVE this stuff. I bought a denim blue one first just to try it out. It comes in a little tab. I put it in a muffin container on my griddle and added some beeswax to it. It melted perfectly and the color is AMAZING. This is why I am stuck on "Blue" I know it's off balance and the composition is off etc.. but it is hard for me to cover up that blue color. It is so gorgeous. I just used my hot iron to push the color around and fuse it to the medium. I really don't know what to do with it now. I might just keep it for myself the way it is, but I want to share it. So, I better think of a way to finish it off. Some more Kandi's Hot Wax will probably work. Now I just have to decide what color I want to use! O' and the other awesome thing about it is that each tab is only $4.00 anyone who does encaustic knows that is a brilliant deal. Fits my budget perfectly.

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