Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New Blog, new title, new

Here is my new blog. I needed to make a change. I felt very self-conscious for a long time putting my name next to the term Artist. I even had to have my friends say it for me when people asked what I did. I am a mom and an artist. Sometimes it seems much easier just to say that I stay at home with my kids. But that is not really the truth. I have a studio that I work in every day. Sometimes the projects are big, sometimes small. I can do several small paintings in a couple hours or one small one in a week. It depends on what inspires me and how much I am interrupted. I try to incorporate are into my kids 6 & 8's lives as well. Sometimes it works and sometimes it is a lot of WORK for me. It's a hard balance trying to be creative and not snapping at your kids when you are in the middle of something that takes your full mind some place else.
So, here I am. I am an artist. I have been in 4 shows (including one solo). My work was recently published in a book 1000 Artist Journal Pages. Page 74 in case you are checking! The information to contact me is incorrect. It should read

Tomorrow, more work in the studio. More postings here.