Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Jobs searches and ATC's

So today I went to look for a job. Not the greatest of times to do it. I really love being able to work on my art whenever I feel like it. But money is calling. I want and would prefer to do something creative, but so would everyone else. So, how do you take a non-creative job and put your own creativity into it? I have no idea. There was a vintage on-line store I really liked (and would shop), but I am not sure I did so great. I froze up when it came time to do a description of some clothing. Usually I can't shut up, but this time it all caught in my hands and didn't transfer to the pen. One job for someone else I wasn't really keen on was offered to someone else. I can't say I am disappointed because I am not. The brightest spot in all of this Ms. Cinda. Working with her will be amazing. I still don't know what I will be doing, but I am excited for the chance.

On a totally different note: Here are three of the ATC's that I submitted to Muse. Alas, I did not win the grand prize (I really wanted that Nano too!) but I did see some really cool artwork. Some of mine had already been swapped and I ended up with some very cool cards. I was able to swap with some other cards and now I have a kick-butt collection of ATC's. They are great for doing "small" art. I have just started a swap with my friend Elesa. I submitted the first one so now it is her turn to give me one. I am excited to see what I get. I think my favorite is my Mama man. He is funny to me. Isn't it so true?

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