Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Not a genius

So, I am not the smartest kid in the class.
I was so psyched about taking all the ATC cards to Muse today that I forgot to take any pictures of them. NOT ONE. The one I tried to post yesterday ended up on Flickr which is good. The rest are now up on a wall (I think). I have that dread in my stomach knowing other people are looking at what I have made. It's not my finest time. I have a t-shirt design due for the kids school. I have several designs and think they will hate them all. I don't focus on insecurity in my life of normal activity. There usual just isn't enough time. But when it comes to something I have made (that is not clothing related etc..) like a piece of art work, I am my worst critic. I think most artists are that way. I guess if I made clothes for a living I might feel that way about my clothes and feel ok with my paintings. I don't know. I love making clothes and rarely feel self-conscious about them. There is a pattern, I follow it, done. Pretty easy. But painting and collage has no pattern. There are no rules it's just do as you feel. So everyone sees exactly what you feel. I do a lot of writing on my collages. I usually use French or Italian. I speak neither. I just love how the words look. Sometimes I forget what they even mean. They just fit with the image so well. I truely love words and images together. I guess I am not a purist.
Here is an example of another piece I made. I like her even if she is a phony.

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