Monday, August 25, 2008


I have to confess.... I haven't been in my studio for about a week. I don't know how that happens. It makes me crazy not being out there. There has just been too many other things happening (nothing big or major) that have distracted me. BUT THAT IS ABOUT TO CHANGE!
On September 3rd My KIDS START SCHOOL! I am doing a small happy dance at this very moment. I love my kids and they are really inspiring, but there are days that I can't even think about being creative. I am so busy playing referee or am tired from spending a day entertaining them that I feel like nothing is left. Now, they are old enough to entertain themselves, but some days they get tired of each other, I get tired of them and we all want to throw up our hands and run to separate corners. So, back to studio, back to routine and back to feeding my creative mind!

Here's to my Little Monkeys!

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