Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Yikes, the weather today stunk. I am pretty sure all I did all day was eat, and watch movies with the kids. I had to turn my lights on at 3pm! This is a picture that I took on a much prettier day at the Pumpkin Patch.

So, no studio time today. I didn't even open the doors. I feel bad about it, but I don't always like working when it is cold and wet out. Thank goodness I live in Oregon. (ha, ha). I have been brainstorming ways that I can do some small work inside the house without causing a huge mess. I am a fairly messy worker and if I have a project in-progress I don't like to put everything away. I also have a habit of working until I am exhausted which makes putting my things away much more difficult. And last of the reasons why this may not be a good idea is that I love to have all my "things" with me. There would be at least 20 trips out to the studio to grab something that I think I might need. Despite all of this, I still would like to be one of those nice tidy people who can work at their kitchen table.

I have been itching to get some sewing done too. That is inside and I can do that whenever I feel like it. I just haven't. Mainly because I didn't put my things away from my last skirt sewing project. It's not totally bad, I am just that lazy. I am blaming it on the weather (see first paragraph).

Monday, November 10, 2008

It's over...

The Holiday Bazaar is over. It was a success with amazing people selling some really great things. I feel really inspired. One reason I love living in Portland is the amazing support that small craft based businesses receive from the community. This event was no exception. Even though times are tight people really came out to purchase from local artists AND support the kids school. I am happy I was able to help coordinate and be a seller for the event.
I was disappointed in my own work. I just don't feel like what I created was my best. It look contrived and like I just tried to hard. Really it was hard. Anyway....

Now that there was all this cool stuff around for me to look at I feel like I better get out and make something. Mag is having her 7th (o'my already) birthday party on Saturday and I am thinking of making the party favors. I have this idea of making dolls with some of my sheet music, glitter and ribbons. Not sure if it will turn out, but I will certainly try.

So far today was all about cleaning the house and not about creating. I did rearrange furniture which always makes me feel more creative. Tomorrow will be more cleaning since the kids are at home from school and studio time is almost impossible. Wednesday just might be the day. I am looking forward to cleaning and clearing my studio. No pressure. I do have plans on posting some paintings on Etsy. But we will see how that goes first. One woman looked at one of my paintings that had a small attachment on it and said she would have bought it without the attachment. Ouch.

Above is my favorite bird painting. I am happy it did not sell! It goes with a crow pillow I bought from my friend Tara at the sale.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Little Bird 1 - Kelly E. Akin

I have finished with my work for the Holiday bazaar. Which is a great thing since it is on Saturday and it is Thursday night. I about as happy as I can get about what I have made. I always feel really nervous when I am showing my pieces to anyone. This is a school event so it makes it a little more nerve-racking. The hard part was coming up with pieces that I liked, but didn't display too much. Most of my feelings go into my art and I am not keen on sharing those with people who know me and my kids thru school. If it was a different venue that would be different, but this is the kids school. I think I came up with a good mix. I also made some rings and hair clips which was really fun.

Time is flying by so fast and there are already Christmas commercials on. I think I want to get to Thanksgiving first. Then think about Christmas. Isn't that what used to happen? Did everybody do all their shopping etc... before Thanksgiving? I know I have been thinking about what the kids want for Christmas and what we might be able to get them. I think I end up going a bit overboard most years. They really don't need a bunch of stuff.

Anyway, I am hoping to be back in my studio working after this Holiday Bazaar. The following weekend Maggie is having a bunch of little girls over for her birthday. I have no idea what we are going to do, but it is only two hours. So maybe I can really work after that day. At some point I have to stop making excuses and just get into the studio. There is a lot of fun things I want to do. I don't feel like I have played in a long time and I can't wait to go thru my stuff. I have so many fun things to try! I have been thinking about making some encaustic collages. Also, some transfers to canvas and so much more.

Above is a sneak peek of what will be at the Holiday Bazaar.